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RuneQuest Glorantha – The Broken Tower [One Shot]

February 5, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Welcome to Glorantha, a heroic, mythic place of heroes and gods, where people hold allegiance to tribe, city, and cult, not to abstract alignments or ideologies.
Although humanity is the dominant species, their dominance is due only to the quarrelling of the Elder Races, who still rule large parts of the world. In Glorantha, the gods and goddesses are real, and through their cults they play an important role in most major events.

Would-be heroes of the age are known as adventurers, and each is tied to several of the Runes, cosmic powers that define Glorantha and are likewise manifested by the gods. Powerful deities are associated with the Sun, Earth, Air, Water, Darkness, and the Moon, as well as with Death, Life, Change, Stasis, Illusion, Truth, Disorder, and Harmony, and each has its Rune. Adventurers join the cults of their gods, from which they get magic and aid. Adventurers are participating and active members of society, whether clan, tribe, city, or other community.
They have duties, loyalties, and conflicts beyond being mere freebooters, with ties to the world of Glorantha and the Runes as deep as they are profound. As adventurers advance within their cults, they strengthen their connection to the Runes, gaining power and questing towards becoming true Heroes.

One of the most important places in all of Glorantha is Dragon Pass, located in the heart of the great continent of Genertela. It is a land beset by conflict and blessed with opportunity, an extremely magical place, center of many of the world’s great myths, and Dragon Pass is prophesied to be the site of the great, apocalyptic series of events called the Hero Wars. A recent revolution against the occupying Lunar Empire has left many of the cities of Dragon Pass in ruins. Nobles, cults, and clans vie for power and authority in their wake, and its liberators struggle to rebuild and reclaim that which was lost.

• IMPORTANT: The date may change due to venue availability.

• What we’ll do:
We will play Runequest Glorantha, an introductory game in which all the game mechanics will be explained and is friendly for new players. Pre-generated characters will be provided.

• What is needed:
Dice and Pen if you have them.
Snacks and drinks are available at the venue. (Please, be considerate to the venue and try to avoid bringing your own snacks).


February 5, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Zürich Roleplaying Games


Zürichbergstrasse 71
Zürich, CH
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